Sunday, 6 May 2007

Saints Go Marching?

West Brom managed to give their supporters an "End of Season" treat by serving up a festival of goals - 7 in all.

Their 7-0 victory certainly humbled Southampton's meagre 4-1 win but both victories earned a £68 return for the Bookie Beater.

It's been another successful Sunday. Avid followers will already recognise that Sundays are Bookie Beater days as they consistently outperform Fridays and Saturdays.

End of Season Pitfalls

Liverpool, mindful of their Champions League Final in Athens in 3 weeks time, fielded virtually a reserve team on Saturday against Fulham. They made 9 changes from the team that beat Chelsea during the week! Fulham won the match - my money stayed in my pocket!

It's a typical scenario at this time of year but today, there are teams who need to win.

The English second division (now called the Championship) provides the excitement today as it is the final day of the regular season. Birmingham and Sunderland have already been promoted but there is only 1 point between them as they battle it out to see who wins the league.

Derby County have made the play-offs and have nothing now to play for, which leaves us with the battle for the 3 remaining play-off positions.

Only 2 points separates West Brom, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Southampton, Stoke City and Preston North End (in that order). Indeed, Southampton are only ahead of Stoke City by virtue of the fact that they have scored more goals!

So my £41 Paddy Power bet today is:
- Southampton to beat Southend (at 1/4)
- West Brom to beat Barnsley (at 1/3)