Monday, 30 April 2007

Season's Conclusions

It was tight enough (according to the scoreline), but Barcelona managed to win their home match with Levante swelling the Paddy Power fund even further.

I'm in a position whereby it may be necessary to draw this season to a conclusion. I'm not touching any further Champions League matches (too close to call) and I'm avoiding domestic cup competitions (for the same reason).

The European leagues have gone weird:
  • Poor teams are scrapping for survival and punching above their weight
  • Good teams are resting their stars in favour of playing them in the cup competitions
  • Really good teams are getting the jitters as the home in on the league title
  • Fabulous teams aren't bothering to raise their game at all because they've already won the league
So where does that leave me?

Well, the £40 pot at the start of the season has quadrupled in value which ranks quite well with other "investment schemes":
  • £40 - £150: The Bookiebeater
  • £40 - £70: Property (in Northern Ireland)
  • £40 - £45: FT100 Tracker Fund (Stocks & Shares)
  • £40 - £42 : Bank or Building Society Savings Account
And I'm looking forward to next season! (Of course, if I will continue to look for value and if I find any worthwhile bets, I'll continue my investment scheme.)

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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Stuggling To Find Value

I looked at the list of matches being played around Europe on Saturday morning and couldn't see a single game that I wanted to risk my money on. I trotted off to work in the garden instead.

It's that funny time of year you see. Liverpool fielded a reserve team against Portsmouth; Chelsea are getting the jitters; Linfield have already won the league as have Celtic.

Today is much the same. Do I back AEK Athens? Not sure! Do I back PSV? What's the incentive for them to put in the required effort to beat Vittesse?

I have finally plumped for putting £39 on Barcelona beating Levante. I can't find another match to double the bet so I'm leaving it at that. Barcelona still have some work to do in order to win La Liga, so they should be up for making sure they get nothing less than a win tonight.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Going Dutch

Ajax and Barcelona won handsomely last night - 3-1 and 5-2 respectively. These matches were both cup matches which are notoriously tricky, so I'm glad to have got the right results.

AZ Alkmaar v NAC Breda at 2/7 has got £36 of my cash tonight. The last time they met (in the league), AZ Alkmaar won 8-1. I'm sure the result won't be as convincing tonight - I'd be happy with a 1-0 win.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Big Boy Bets

Tonight, Ajax and Barcelona are playing at their respective home stadiums and Paddy Power is offering odds of 1/6 and 2/7 for them to beat RKC and Getafe.

I'm having a piece of that action with £32. That ought to nett me a £48 return (£16 profit) if everything goes according to plan.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Close Call!

AZ Alkmaar won 1-0, as did Fiorentina (albeit with only 10 men for a lot of the match).

Even so, the two wins mean £43 rolls-up into the Barca, AEK and Fenerbahce matches this evening.

As an aside, AZ Alkmaar also got some funds within the UK Betting pot which has now rolled into the Barca and Lyon matches.

Back to Earth

I don't even know who won the Grand National - I gave up when I saw my two mounts weren't at the show!

Today, however, we are back to the real aim of beating the bookie and for the first time in a couple of weeks, I've found some teams that really ought to ease themselves to wins.

AZ Alkmaar face Vitesse and are 1/4 with Paddy Power. I've doubled this bet with a 3/10 shot - Fiorentina at home to Siena. £37 on this bet should return £60.13.

If these games go according to plan, then £40 will be placed on AEK Athens, Fenerbahce & Barcelona with a potential return of £70.91.

This is traditionally the time of year when I seem to struggle with my bets - too many poor teams raise their game in an effort to avoid relegation; too many great teams suffer a dip in form as they give up their hopes of winning their leagues. Hopefully AZ Alkmaar, Fiorentina, AEK, Fenerbahce and Barcelona will be on form today, though.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Grand National Diversion

It's derby day in Northern Ireland - Glentoran v Linfield, Crusaders v Cliftonville, etc. Rubbish for selecting sure things.

It's not much better in the Premiership. Arsenal face Bolton while Manchester United and Chelsea are both playing in the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

It's the same message across Europe - no easy pickings today (although tomorrow looks slightly more promising with AZ Alkmaar and Barcelona looking like home wins).

However, today is the day of the John Smith's Grand National - the biggest day in the calendar for bookmakers in the UK. Traditionally, today is the day than non-gamblers place their once a year bets and I'm doing the same.

40 runners over 4 miles - it's a test of endurance more than anything.

I've plumped for a £5 each way bet on Lami (16/1), ridden by Tony McCoy and a £10 each way bet on Ballycassidy (40/1), ridden by Denis Oregan. For your information, Joe's Edge is favourite at 10/1.

I backed the winner in this race 4 years on the trot in the 90s, but haven't had much luck in recent years. Fingers crossed for today though.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Winning Sunday

Well, Ajax and Inter Milan did the business today - 3-0 and 2-0 respectively.

Looking forward to the week ahead, however, would suggest that it's best to avoid placing any bets until next weekend. It's Champions League week once again and the quarter-final stage would be difficult for anyone to call.

AC Milan v Bayern Munich
PSV Eindhoven v Liverpool
Roma v Manchester United
Chelsea v Valencia

The bookies seem to be having a hard time separating the teams as well - only Chelsea seem to be an odds-on favourite.

My advice - stay clear.

Cleaning Up With Ajax?

Ajax face Heracles this afternoon and £34 is heading their way - they are 1/7 with Paddy Power. I've doubled-up the bet with a punt on a 1/5 shot - Inter Milan are at home to Parma. I'm not happy backing the Italian teams just now but Inter should be too good, shouldn't they?

This is traditionally a time of year which can trip up the Bookie Beater. Why? Teams are fighting for survival within their respective leagues and results can be a bit strange.

Be careful our there.