Sunday, 10 June 2007

Why the inactivity?

There have been no bets recently and for very good reason. The season has ended in most countries around Europe!

Of course, there are still games being played but I'm feeling quite nervy about them. Barcelona and Real Madrid are involved in a real struggle to win La Liga and both could only secure 2-2 draws last night. They are now level on points with just one game to go! I'm not betting on either of them.

There are games being played elsewhere in the world but those who understand the BookieBeater will understand that he avoids those countries which he doesn't understand!

One other piece of news - UK Betting is now Sky Bet. My account has been moved and I'll probably do a review of the service at some point in the near future.


At 04 July 2007 15:55 , Blogger Jonathan said...

Stephen, you have bad link - Agloco points to http://www.agloco/r/BBBV6332

I think it should point to


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