Monday, 30 April 2007

Season's Conclusions

It was tight enough (according to the scoreline), but Barcelona managed to win their home match with Levante swelling the Paddy Power fund even further.

I'm in a position whereby it may be necessary to draw this season to a conclusion. I'm not touching any further Champions League matches (too close to call) and I'm avoiding domestic cup competitions (for the same reason).

The European leagues have gone weird:
  • Poor teams are scrapping for survival and punching above their weight
  • Good teams are resting their stars in favour of playing them in the cup competitions
  • Really good teams are getting the jitters as the home in on the league title
  • Fabulous teams aren't bothering to raise their game at all because they've already won the league
So where does that leave me?

Well, the £40 pot at the start of the season has quadrupled in value which ranks quite well with other "investment schemes":
  • £40 - £150: The Bookiebeater
  • £40 - £70: Property (in Northern Ireland)
  • £40 - £45: FT100 Tracker Fund (Stocks & Shares)
  • £40 - £42 : Bank or Building Society Savings Account
And I'm looking forward to next season! (Of course, if I will continue to look for value and if I find any worthwhile bets, I'll continue my investment scheme.)

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